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Carpet cleaning and washing machines that we use in our carpet cleaning center Belgrade are part of latest technology. We guarantee high quality that you will not find anywhere else in Belgrade. We use special machines for washing coarse carpets, rugs and others. Fine carpets are being washed with more sophisticated machines, because we do not want to damage the surfaces that are being cleaned. We also have washing machines for fine curtains, awnings and tarpaulins, hem edges of the carpet, bleaching fringes etc. To be mentioned, that we have a professional chamber for drying carpets and a large garden filled with natural sunlight for drying. 
Best carpet cleaning machines, carpet service in Belgrade

Find the carpet cleaning solution for your rooms with Tennant’s carpet extractors

Deep clean stains and odors in carpeting with Tennants heavy duty, deep cleaning carpet extractors and remove surface stains and odors with interim carpet extractors. Tennants full line of carpet cleaning quipment gives you a variety of options and maximum flexibility to clean in large or small spaces. Our commercial carpet extractor designs include riders, pull back, and forward push designs.

12 Carpet Extractors Available

The New EH1, EH2, EC2 & EH5 are a combination of innovative features and performance keeping your carpets looking cleaner longer.
Tennants R3 Interim Carpet Extractor cleans small areas quickly with ReadySpace technology. The adjustable handle makes it easy to use and store.
Tennans EX-SC-412 Deep Cleaning Carpet Extractor has simple controls and spray jets that ensure consistent cleaning. Adjust the handle for comfort or convenient storage.​
Tennants EX-SC-716 Deep Cleaning Carpet Extractor easily cleans small areas and can adjust to different carpets with adjustable brush pressure and optional accessories.
Tennants EX-SC-1020P Deep Cleaning Carpet Extractor features a manual push-forward design for increased productivity while maintaining your budget.
Tennants EX-SC-1020​​ Deep Cleaning Carpet Extractor is lightweight, durable, and can be used on a variety of carpets for outstanding cleaning performance.
Tennants EX-CAN-10 Deep Cleaning Carpet Extractor is portable and easy to use. The clamshell design makes emptying and filling the tank simple and accessible.
Tennants easy to use battery powered 1510 and electric 1530 Deep Cleaning Carpet Extractors will give you consistent cleaning results at the push of a single button.
Fulfill your deep cleaning and interim cleaning needs with the 1610 Carpet Extractor. The 1610 will clean large areas using Tennants ReadySpace technology.
Experience comfort and versatility with Tennants R14 carpet extractor. Dual technology enables interim cleaning and deep cleaning in one machine.
Powerful cleaning for small spaces with Tennants E5 Deep Cleaning Carpet Extractor featuring Insta-Adjust handle for increased operator comfort and easy storage.
Tennants EX-SPOT-2 Portable Deep Cleaning Carpet Extractor goes where you need it, powerfully cleans spot stains, and picks up small spills. 

Photo gallery of our equipment you can see below