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Pricelist carpet service Belgrade

Washing and cleaning carpets

Carpet cleaning (flushing to clear cap)

300,00 din / 1m2

Cleaning carpets with foam

300,00 din / 1m2

Carpet cleaning (silk,persian and thick)

360,00 din / 1m2

Washing ethnic kilim rug

360,00 din / 1m2

Carpet seam stitching and tassel replacement

Carpet seam stitching

300,00 din / 1m

Reinforced carpet seam stitching

1.000,00 din / 1m

Cotton tassels from 1 to 10 centimetres

1.500,00 din / 1m

Woolen tassels from 1 to 10 centimetres

2.000,00 din / 1m

Silk tassels from 1 to 10 centimetres

2.000,00 din / 1m

Carpet transportation

Carpet transportation is free!  (with a mandatory minimum of 10 m2, of carpet, or so, if there is less).


Upholstery and curtains cleaning

Washing and ironing curtains thiner

250,00 din / 1m2

Washing and ironing curtains thick

300,00 din / 1m2

Washing strip curtains

400,00 din / 1m2

Upholstery washing (one seat)

800,00 din / 1set

Washing awnings

400,00 din / 1m2

If you want to download our price list as a PDF file, you can do so by clicking  /uploads/price-list-carpet-service-Belgrade.jpg


* For all other services we provide, please feel free to call the phone number for a more detailed agreement.

Thank you for your interest in our work.Carpet cleaning service Belgrade