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Work in carpet cleaning service

  • Work in carpet cleaning service
  • Work in carpet cleaning service
  • Work in carpet cleaning service
  • Work in carpet cleaning service
  • Work in carpet cleaning service

Workers are required to work in carpet cleaning in Belgrade

Positions required are:

• Manager carpet service Belgrade (one executant)
• The man for the organization of workers, carpet service Belgrade (one executant)
• Secretary for office work, carpet service Belgrade (one executant)
• The driver of the van category B, carpet service  Belgrade (more executants)
• Worker washing upholstery, carpet service Belgrade (more executants)
• Worker washing carpets service Belgrade  (more executants)
• Physical, worker for carpet cleaning service Belgrade (more executants) 

Your application should be sent to office@tepih-servis.com application must contain CV with a picture (preferably work experience).We offer you adequate compensation for your work. Working in a dynamic, team atmosphere.

Employs workers in a carpet service to Belgrade and for more jobs. Workers needed, serious, hardworking, able to work in a group, where they can work as individuals or team workers in a dynamic working atmosphere. Workers expect to be engaged and contribute their work to the service is highly professional. Advancement in its future work, which will contribute to the self and the collective as a whole, and especially our customers to provide efficient, rapid and high quality service.

Carpet Cleaning Service Belgrade provides jobs and to: 

WORKER FOR CARPET WASHING  IN CARPET SERVICE: Worker washing carpets in service or on-site client any home or business premises. Washed carpets cleaned carpets, vacuums, shaking, washed and everything to do with modern machines and special detergents and cleaning carpets, to manage these machines and detergents should be little training that lasts for a few weeks with the running-until the moment when the worker enters the routine. From laborers wash carpets expected primarily to thoroughly cleans carpets as well as conscientious and responsible attitude towards machines that are managed.

WORKER WASHING UPHOLSTERY, CARPET SERVICEWash furniture is made on site with the client very rare in the service. Washing involves deep cleaning furniture beds, sofas, chairs and similar upholstery and upholstered furniture pieces. Furniture Washing is done with a professional machine and chemicals specially intended for deep drawing dirt from the manufacture for this type of work should be training a few months with an experienced worker.

AUXILIARY WORKER FOR FIELD WORK: Auxiliary worker for field work involves wearing and fitting carpets with the customer with a driver, as well as cleaning carpets and furniture on site ie. in an apartment or business premises of the client. It also helps carpet cleaners carpet service when needed. Extra worker is not required to operate machinery if you do not want. Extra worker snake off carpets and also connects the same and disposed of in a warehouse.

THE VAN  DRIVER CATEGORY B: To control van. Experience does not matter from carpets but van driving experience as well as knowledge of the city. Since drivers are expected to exercise the transportation of carpets from the client to the service and back. The driver next drive and wears carpets to the apartment or home client along with extra worker or other driver. The driver conscientiously treat the vehicle with constant control of it and respect the traffic regulations.

THE FOREMAN CARPET SERVICE: Managing the carpet service needs to know the business in its entirety, from A-Z, this is an experienced worker, who works for a long year, in a carpet service and knows the work as a whole. The manager arranges a job, stimulate workers to get the job done on time, the work is also the quality that the customer is satisfied, contact manager and mediates between the client and carpets. He organizes and schedules that take and return the carpet customers, organize the work of the service as well as field work, he controls everything, the first to come to work and back away.

SECRETARY FOR OFFICE WORK, CARPET SERVICE: Secretary who is an employee who works in the office only with kljijentima so it appears on the phone address schedule a prima complaints etc. This profile of workers must know the work on the computer, as well as administrative tasks, go to the bank, filling out transfer orders, billing and invoice billing therefore works exclusively secretary ie. Secretary.

MANAGER CARPET SERVICE:The manager is a person who seeks a job for carpet service Markovic, in direct contact with customers, whether it is physical or legal entity. The manager goes from company to company, talking and offering our services, while giving the proper discounts, if it is a greater amount of work, or more frequently maintaining the same company. The manager has a percentage of each transaction that he agreed and brought the service, and for each subsequent washing of the same company.

Thank you for your interest.

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