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The place where we are washing and cleaning carpets. We are honest with our clients, so we are proudly showing  every corner of carpet cleaning service Belgrade. Carpet Cleaning Service Belgrade has a working space area of over 500 m2.
The large washing room in which fits every dirty carpet, and from there comes out moistured and clean.
After that, it is dried in a chamber or natural. The most modern washing machines will take care of your carpet,
clean it well, and the most powerful vacuum cleaners will ensure that your carpet has no trace of dust and other dirt.

Carpet service Belgrade has workrooms total area of ​​over 500 m2, this includes workshops, or wash, wash the area where carpets, space for drying carpets, carpet drying chamber, and a large yard, sheltered by natural drying the carpet in the summer. Storage room dirty carpets, a warehouse for storage of washed and clean carpets, warehouse for machinery and ekoločka resources, fleet, office carpet service Belgrade, pantry workers, bathrooms and toilets and the open court teph service Belgrade, for drying the carpet as many surfaces for a total of about 1000 M2 yard, so we are not only the best carpet cleaning in Belgrade, but also the biggest carpet service in Serbia. We belong to the largest carpet service, on the desktop, and the best material by investing in service, because we buy the latest equipment and the best chemicals. Carpet Cleaning Service Beograd follows the Swedish trends in the field of hygiene, maintenance and washing carpets and your office and living space.

In the spacious barn wash every dirty carpet, there comes a wet and clean where she later dried in a chamber or natural. We wash your carpet will welcome the most modern machines for washing and cleaning of carpets as well as the most powerful vacuum cleaner that will make sure that your carpet there is not a speck of dust and other dirt. From the workshop carpet service Belgrade in your home will arrive washed suv like new carpet, which you have given to washing, with free transport carpet.

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Welcome to The Carpet Workshop 

The Carpet Workshop retails a fantastic range of first-class flooring, with everything from traditional handmade rugs to the latest in cushioned vinyl and laminate technology. Feel free to browse our online products or come in and see us at our store in Sintelon The Carpet Workshop offer a quality service borne of many years experience in the retail and fitting of carpets and quality flooring in natural and man made materials.

Experienced Carpet and Flooring 

Our carpet and flooring fitters are of the highest calibre and their skills are reflected in the carpets and floors laid in both residential and commercial premises. We will visit your home or premises and establish your requirements, advise in respect of the most suitable floor coverings for each area and supply you with a quote.

Photo gallery of our workshops! at: Belgrade, Voždovac, Vojvode Stepe 431