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Choosing carpet for the childrens room

Choosing carpet for the childrens room


Woolen carpets and carpet choice for the childrens room. Besides its basic functions that affect on child development, childrens rugs have a decorative role.




It was a nice experience when buying childrens rugs and unique spaces to organize our childs individuality. Kids carpet transform a room into a fairy tale world where the child will feel joyful and pleasant. Carpets for children should be happy and interesting according to their imagination and development. It is essential to choose a design carpet according to the interests and sensibilities of the child. Beside its primary function, childrens rugs have a decorative role. It has long been known that colors affect  the mood. For children aged from a few months up to 2-3 years you need to choose carpet with cheerful colors with interesting drawings because then the child begins to get to know the world around him. The kids is a lot more fun to play on the carpet where he launched their hero in a movie or cartoon than the monochrome carpet cheerful.

Kids rugs are not just have a decorative function but provide comfort to the child and playing conditions. Children are incredibly active, thats why danger lurking them and during a active play a child can slip on the floor or laminate and on the carpet they can run and accidental fall on the soft carpet cant cause  injury. Changing carpet in the childrens room is a good way to refresh a room and make it attractive and comfortable, but you must be careful with the choice of carpet design, paint, carpet scheme you choose. As a result, the selection of appropriate rugs for the  includes height carpet prices, selection of appropriate materials, design, texture and color. Here follows a few little things that need to be taken into consideration when choosing a carpet:

Invest your money in a carpet or rug lined with teflon

Children on the carpet

They are coated with special chemicals that prevent the penetration of the stain deeper into the carpet, which make for easy carpet održavanje. That  kind of carpet is very suitable for a childs bedroom, especially for those childrens rooms that are used for play ground or family room where you expect to spills and splashes and food and drink a frequent accidents.

Buy carpet in midtones color

Avoid beige or black carpet color and select neutral brown, yellow-brown color or a light color carpet with dark shades. These colors give a proper balance in the appearance of your room to give the impression that the room is larger, and also to hide the mud, dirt and dust.

Do not choose a velvet or plush carpet

No matter how comfortable or comfortable these mats, they are not an appropriate choice for the nursery because they are difficult to clean and maintain. This type of carpet is recommended for guest rooms or in rooms that are not used often.

Choose carpet made ​​from nylon fibers

This carpet is the best choice for areas where a lot of walking and passes by the principle: the durable, retains its color and fiber will be difficult to unravel over the years.

Try recycled carpet for the nursery

Carpets made ​​from recycled materials are generally made ​​of plastic and these types of rugs are water resistant, durable, and have little static.

Looking for a carpet that is resistant to traces

Hand-woven rugs are an ideal choice for a childs bedroom because that does not leave traces of footprints or any other signs of wear. When your children leave their shoes in the room, you will not have to worry about wear and tear the carpet.
Also the slightly older boys who love football and games, children sportsmanship and hyper-active, can the boots and footballs often damage the carpet, so do not let the children to bring sports equipment (soccer shoes and football) in the room, because a couple of putting them in the room can lead to serious wear and tear of the carpet in the childrens nursery. Pay attention to them, because the children know and hide it from you to do that, and the wear and tear of childrens rugs can be found very late, when your only option to buy a new carpet for children. Avoid wool carpet in the nursery anyway, because in addition to being prone to damage and stains with it very hard to remove and wash, especially if its bright colors, stains come in a serious way. Choose rugs easy to clean, washing and cleaning of your carpet or services in Belgrade.

Boy soccer player in the carpet

Avoid woolen carpets

Wool may be more resistant to stains, but it can easily wear out and will not hold too much pressure and traction. Choose from nylon carpet fibers or blends with nylon bristles for childrens room whenever possible.

Selecting the right carpet for the nursery will help you easily keep your room and make it safer for the next few years, just select the appropriate fibers, colors and styles and youll notice the change in the childrens room.

If the carpet you select beautiful and original, you have made the right choice. Of course, non-standard childrens rugs should fit your childs soul and certainly helps in personality development.