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How to remove stains from carpet?

How to remove stains from carpet?

Dear, in the following text, we present you some useful tips how to preserve your carpets as long as possible. Stains on the carpet are very ugly sight, both for you and for your guests.Here are useful tips on how to remove them.

Removing wine stains from carpet

The fabric - with pure lemon juice, and if it comes to light surfaces, dirty surfaces dampen with weak dilution of
ammonia, and flush with clean water. Repeat several times until the stain disappears. You can try to soak
the cloth in water to which you have added a lot of soda, then rinse the cloth.
On silk - is removed with gasoline or denatured alcohol.
If the tablecloth soiled red wine, it will again be clean if dirty place is again soiled with white wine. First time rub
with soap and wash visible stains with water.

The carpet stained by red wine is very resistant to cleaning, but try to soak a dirty place with lemon
juice and sprinkle it with salt kitchen. Leave it for a while, then rub with a cloth and warm water.

Removing chewing gum stains from carpet

Remove gum from carpet by putting a piece of ice from the fridge. For removing chewing gum from carpet never use hot water.

Removing egg stains from carpet

Each cloth will remove them if the cloth is rinsed with cold water. Hot water is not an option because the stains
become more visible.
On the carpet - stain moisten mixture of 3/4 water and 1/4 alcohol, then rub well.
On the silverware - with boiled potatoes rub soiled areas and stains will be gone.

Removing blood stains from carpet

On fabric that can not be boiled, stain will disappear if soaked with lemon juice and covered with thick slurry
of detergent with enzymes, and then rinse with cold water.
On the carpet - soak the stain with cold water to which you added ammonia (two tablespoons of ammonia to
one liter of water), then dry with a clean cloth.

Removing nail polish stains from carpet

With the cloth you will remove them if the fabric is on both sides damped with essence of turpentine. The stain can be removed with 90% alcohol, but prior try to work on parts that will not be seen. If the stains are quite old, spread them with butter first, then remove with turpentine.

Removing milk stains from carpet

Wool and cotton fabric - stains can be removed with warm water and soap. If you do not succeed, try with gasoline.

On the carpet - can be removed if dirty place is carefully rubbed with dilution of a small amount
of salt and water. Then will be safe to clean with cold water.

Removing pen stains from carpet

The fabric - first, soak stains with beer, then rub a cotton swab or cloth moistened with acetone. Make sure that the acetone solubles synthetics, and if it is a synthetic fabric try with 90% alcohol.

Removing lipstick and powder stains from carpet

The cloth - removes 90% alcohol.

At handkerchiefs and towels - Rub butter, then remove with turpentine.

Removing ice cream stains from carpet

The fabric - they should be immediately washed in cold water, then hot soapy water. If the stain is caused by chocolate ice cream, it is best to boil after cleaning stained fabric, in case if it is allowed washing in hot water.

Wax on carpet

Cover the wax constantly with clean paper towels or sheets of office paper, and iron it repeatedly. The wax will melt and so will be removed layer by layer. Repeat the process until you remove all the wax.

Ink on the carpet

You can clean the stain with detergent for carpets if you work slowly. Every time you use a little detergent and immediately soak up the dirty ground. Such a spot may not be able to completely clean due to the specific composition of the ink.

Grease and oil on the carpet

Dab the stain with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol and wash with detergent, repeatedly. Cleaning large surfaces stained by oil is best to let the service for washing carpets do instead of you.

Mud on the carpet

Let mud to dry completely, then remove it first mechanically with stiff brush and vacuum cleaner. Dirt that remains after that you can remove with alcohol and then detergent.

Colour on the carpet

The spilled color is almost impossible to clean if you let it dry. Otherwise, the different colors behave differently.
Acrylic paint: Wash with mild detergent, then soak with methyl alcohol.
Cellulose color: spots are cleaned with thinner.
Emulsions: rinse with cold water until the paint is still wet.
Varnish: If the stain is wet, clean it with a sponge you soaked with alcohol.

Removing shoe polish from carpet

First, mechanically abrade the stain, then dab with alcohol and finally wash with detergent.

Removing tar from carpet

First, mechanically abrade the stain, then dab with alcohol, then wash with detergent.


All of these given techniques for cleaning stains, may not clean the stain by itself. If this occurs, we recommend you call Carpet cleaning service Belgrade and let the cleaning and washing do professionals. You will not regret it.