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Tips for washing and cleaning upholstery

Tips for washing and cleaning upholstery


Our advice for washing and cleaning of furniture upholstery fabric with the help of baking soda to wash your own fleecy furniture, such as beds, sofas, footstools, chairs and other furniture that you use every day in your home.

Odor and cleanliness in the house most dependent on purity, especially carpets, curtains and furniture on which you lie and sit down, especially washing of furniture upholstery fabric. Carpets usually the easiest way to wash the carpet service Belgrade, where they were machine-washed in depth, rinsing the carpet to clear strokes, all at affordable prices and free transport carpet. Also carpet service Belgrade can offer deep cleaning furniture, washing and dry cleaning of all types of curtains, draperies, and the maintenance of your living space. Services carpets Belgrade, you should use at least once a year.
In case you do not have the material ability to use the services of carpets in Belgrade, can I own a lot to do in terms of hygiene and wash your furniture.
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Suppose you have a sofa, settee or couch, from upholstery fabric, bright colors, on which you lie and sit down, and eventually the sitting and lying positions resulting dark spots, do not worry. 

For furniture cleaning of upholstery fabric you will need only soda (anywhere without it), and water dispenser. The procedure can work in two ways:

1. You need five tablespoons of baking soda, stir in half a liter of warm water, shake well to dissolve soda and pour the liquid in the sprayer. This liquid spray on problem areas on the furniture or on the entire surface. 

2. In the sleep hot water dispenser, sprinkle furniture, a sprinkle baking soda on top. This mode is convenient if you do not have a quality-sprayer sprayer or if you are not well whisked baking soda in the sprayer may cause clogging of the nozzle. Spray the furniture and leave to stand for at least 2-3 hours, or to dry completely. Do not wet too. When dry, use a vacuum cleaner and vacuum the all nice. The result will not fail. 

If you want to wash your fleecy furniture in more detail, make a mixture in which addition of baking soda ide alcohol and alcoholic vinegar with the addition of homemade soap. In this way, your furniture will once again shine like new.