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High-quality cleaning products

  • High-quality cleaning products
  • High-quality cleaning products
  • High-quality cleaning products
  • High-quality cleaning products
  • High-quality cleaning products

Carpet Cleaning Service Beograd has the highest quality modern detergents and cleaning under these funds mean, professional, cutting-edge machines and abrasive chemicals.
Professional modern machines of the latest generation are used in our carpet workshop in Belgrade. These machines are used for carpet cleaning, laundry and cleaning furniture, washing curtains, attaching fringe on the carpet, hem the edges of carpets and many other services performed by the service. These machines are used throughout the modern world.
From abrasives and chemical agents also use state of the art modern means of imports. These funds must be effective and strong, and the other side must be harmless both for man and for the human environment, these are the ecological funds.
These agents are effective in washing, removing all kinds of dirt, such as dust, stains from grease, stains, urine, etc., Be it on the carpet, the furniture, curtains and the like.

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Floor Cleaning Products

There are hundreds of floor cleaning products of all strength and qualities. You can chose between very acidic floor cleaners, semi acidic floor cleaning products and soft floor cleaning products or floor maintainers. Using the wrong type of floor cleaning agent to wash a floor it could result in damages being done to the floor finish or inefficient results. Our company sells a wide range of floor cleaning products and floor maintainers for all types of floors. We want you fully informed when you make a purchase to make sure that you fully benefit from that product and you will return to buy more stuff from us.

We sell:

Floor Cleaners & Degreasers Floor Cleaners & Grout Cleaners Floor Cleaners & Lime Scale Removers Wood Floor Cleaning Products Marmoleum Floor Cleaning Products Amtico Floor Cleaning Products Porcelain Floor Cleaning Products Lino Floor Cleaning Products Vinyl Floor Cleaning Products Carpeted Floor Cleaning Products Commercial Floor Cleaning Products Domestic Floor Cleaning Products Floor Maintainers Floor Enhancers Floor Strippers Floor Polishes

Bathroom Floor Cleaning Products – if you need to deep clean bathroom floors you will need to use a lime scale breaker or an acidic bathroom floor cleaner. Bathroom floors are likely to be greasy and full of lime from the hard water and lime scale. A normal floor cleaner and maintainer will stand no chance in removing heavy duty build ups. Our best bathroom floor cleaner is by far Evans Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner. This highly efficient bathroom cleaner and descaler will break most types of body fats and lime scale from floors and grout. One quick spray and one light scrub and the dirt is gone. Evans Clean Fast Bathroom Cleaner is highly perfumed and slightly acidic. 

Kitchen Floor Cleaning Products – commercial kitchens and general areas where food is served, tend to get greasy and stained with food spillages. A good kitchen floor cleaning product has to be a good degreaser as well. Our most efficient kitchen floor cleaning product is Evans E.M.C Floor Cleaner & Degreaser. This product will soften up all the grease and it will facilitate full removal of all the dirt from the kitchen floor. Another high quality kitchen floor cleaning product is Craftex Catering Safe Floor Cleaner & Sanitiser. This product was designed for safely cleaning kitchen floors and comply with all Irish food regulation. This product is a floor degreaser and disinfectant. 

Wood Floor Cleaning Products – if you own wood floors we have at least one wood floor cleaner for you. Some wood floors are sealed with a varnish while others are sealed with oils or waxes. We have professional wood floor cleaners for oiled floors and we have professional wood floor cleaners for varnished surfaces. Bona Wood Floor Cleaner is one the most famous wood floor cleaners in the world. This product will deep clean floors with ease and it will clean streak free. Another high quality wood floor cleaner is Tover Pulito Wood Floor Cleaner. This Italian wood floor cleaner was designed for deep cleaning and maintaining prestigious wood floors. It will enhance the look of your varnished wood floors. This product is highly concentrated and requires dilution. Bona Cleaner For Oiled Floors is by far one of the best oiled floor cleaners in the world. This product contains very little moist and it is the ideal product for oiled floors. Another high quality oil floor cleaner is Bona Soap. This product contains special cleaning agents that will remove most types of marking and dirt from oiled floors without affecting your wood floors in any negative way. When using a professional wood floor cleaner you need to make sure that it is suitable for your particular type of wood. 

Tile & Grout Cleaning Products – our strongest tile & grout cleaning product is Evans G.A.C Acid Cleaner. This product provides outstanding results instant. To be used only on unsealed and unpolished natural stone floors. Evans Low Foam Heavy is another high quality tile & grout cleaner. This product is designed for machine scrubbing and breaks dirt on impact.

Heavy Duty Floor Cleaning Products – some polished floors and some unpolished floors might require a nice deep clean once in a while to get rid of all the dirt deposits. For this type of floors you will need to use efficient floor cleaners without damaging the floor. Craftex Natural Floor Cleaner and Craftex Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner are two of the best floor cleaning products for this job. Those two floor cleaners will remove dirt with ease without streaking or damaging the polish on any type of floor. Outstanding dilution rate and outstanding quality. 

Marmoleum Floor Cleaning Products – Evans Clean & Shine is one of the best marmoleum, lino, amtico, vinyl, etc floor cleaner & maintainer. With a dilution rate of 1 to 200, this product is sure to last for months. Each time when you wash your floor with Evans Clean & Shine, you build a thin protective coat over your existing floor. It responds well to buffing. 

Our company provides hundreds of commercial customers and hundreds of domestic customers with professional floor cleaning products. If you require more information about any of our floor cleaning products or floor cleaning equipment, please call us